About Exhibition

Date: 1st - 4th November

Venue: Hall “Master”, Novi Sad Fair

Working hours: 10:00 – 19:00 hours

International Exhibition of Jewellery and Watches, SJAJ, is a unique event, primarily dedicated to the professional audience, organised with the aim to improve business contacts and exchange of experiences, among both exhibitors from Serbia and the professionals from the area of goldsmithing and watchmaking from Europe and the rest of the world.


Sjaj casovnici    Sjaj Nakit

SJAJ Exhibition in 2017:

  • Exhibitors from 8 countries – India, Poland, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Serbia
  • Professional audience - 73% of total visitors - from Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Republic of Srpska, Croatia and Serbia
  • During exhibition, the best exhibits were awarded with cups, diplomas, plaque and medals
  • Presented the Exhibition of Minerals, Fossils and gemstones - GEMEXPO
  • Organisation of expert meetings, education, demonstrations, round tables

Sjaj Mindjuse    Sjaj Casovnik


  • Gold and silver jewellery
  • Precious, semi-precious and synthetic gemstones
  • Equipment for preservation and exhibition of jewellery
  • Packaging
  • Wrist watches
  • Pocket watches
  • Engraving machinery
  • Machinery goldsmithing tools
  • Watchmaking tools
  • Alarm systems
  • Raw material

About The fair

24th - 28th October

Hall 1, "Master" Hall, Aula, open space

Opening hours:
From 10 AM to 7 PM

The Cars Fair is an ideal place for the presentation of new models, products and services to wider audience, potential buyers and expert public, while simultaneously contributing to the sales increase after this glamorous event. Novi Sad Cars Fair will be the place of the promotion of the latest achievements in automobile industry.

H1    master

Exhibitors will promote the latest models of passenger vehicles, novelties in cargo vehicle programme, as well as in other branches of automotive industry.

Besides the exhibition of automobile manufacturers and importers, leasing companies and commercial banks are also expected to participate. The Cars Fair discounts will provide additional benefits for buying vehicles during this event.

Tuning2    tuning

The Show Contents:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Cargo vehicles (trucks, light-duty vehicles, special purpose vehicles)
  • Buses and minibuses
  • Motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and bicycles
  • Spare parts and tools
  • Automotive service equipment
  • Fuels and lubricants
  • Automotive cosmetics
  • Pneumatics
  • Audio and video equipment for vehicles
  • Vehicle protection systems (alarm systems)
  • Insurance, leasing, loans

About The Fair

4 - 7. October

One of the branches of Lorist – Sports Expo – featured industry professionals, sporting goods manufacturers and vendors, sports clubs, societies and associations as well as private sports and recreation clubs, physical medicine and rehabilitation centers. The Serbian Ministry of Youth and Sports and other line departments engaged in operating the national sports policy pledged to join forces with outstanding corporations to support the sports programs and events through various sponsorship opportunities.

The expo also hosted a series of both indoor and outdoor sports competitions followed by numerous edutainment sports, leisure and health activities.

Sport Odbojka    Sport Tartan


Exhibitors - Private horse breeders, horse farms and clubs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia and Serbia presented at this year’s Fair of Horsebreeding could be found in Halls 12 and 15. It was the location of this festival that made it a “must-see” for equestrian enthusiasts. 20+ horse shows included show jumping, carriage driving and dressage. Among 400 equine photographs that had entered into the “2017 Horsebreeding” Photo Contest and Exhibition, the award-winning ones got the chance to become part of the amazing horse photography exhibit staged in the Novi Sad Fair Entrance Hall.

Sport Zaprege    Sport Prepone

About the Fair

4 - 7. October

Fair of tourism will be organised, in the period from 4th to 7th October, based on the new concept grounds, aiming to position this fair as the central event for professional and wider audiences in the fields that influence sustainable management of natural resources of the Danube Region – tourism, hunting, angling, ecology, forestry and sport. The Danube Region represents a geographical frame, which allows maintenance of the strong link between Fair of Tourism and the LORIST Fair that take place at the same time.

Also, Hunting, Fishing, Ecology and Sports Shows will take place at the same time.

 Sajam turizma    Sajam turizma 2

The Fair participants are all those who are tourist professionals or work for tourist industry, and the Novi Sad Fair of Tourism will prioritise promotion of:

  • health tourism/spa and wellness
  • tourism of regions, cities and municipalities
  • gastro and ethno tourism
  • rural tourism
  • nautical tourism
  • mountain tourism
  • thematic routes
  • MICE tourism
  • special interests tourism

Sajam turizma skupovi    Viminacijum

A special place as participants is reserved for all who work in the function of tourism:

  • tour operators, agencies
  • educational institutions
  • participants in the HORECA chain
  • tourist media and bloggers
  • transportation companies

The major focus point of the International Tourism Fair (ITF) will be B2B meetings of foreign and domestic tour operators, travel organizers and agencies supported by Serbian Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications. Here are some of the 2018 ITF highlights:

  • B2B meetings
  • Diplomacy Day
  • Tourism Career Days (TCD)
  • ITF Annual Conference and trade show expert meetings
  • ”Gastro Region and Gastro Challenges” Show — food and beverage show and international professionals, college students and high school students’ cooking competitions
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