Novi Sad Fair looks forward to welcoming its exhibitors and prospects to the 51st International Tourism Fair. We invite you to join the excitement at the Novi Sad Fair, Novi Sad, Serbia, October 4-7. It will be your best face-to-face marketing opportunity this year. Also, Hunting, Fishing, Ecology and Sports Shows will take place at the same time.

We are undertaking concerted efforts for success as we prepare to host the 51st Annual International LORIST Fairs, which are to be held October 4-7 at Novi Sad Fair, Novi Sad, Serbia. Hunting, Fishing, Tourism, Ecology and Sports are all integral parts of the Fair, and this year, it is designed to be the hotspot for industry professionals.

With 452 exhibitors presenting their latest products and technical information inside the exhibition halls and over 30,000 visitors passing through the gates at 2017 LORIST, the Show geared up to experience visitor numbers exceeding those of the previous years. Bringing about a 30-percent increase in visitors and about 50 per cent more exhibitors, the event ushered in a whole new concept of a trade expo design. The last year’s program included international trade show conferences, B2B gatherings, a game of chance and the International trophy hunting exhibition sponsored by the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC).

The exhibitor list included, among many others, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Republic of Srpska, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia, followed by the USA, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Germany and Sweden whose products and services were introduced to wider audiences at the Fair.

To learn more about what made LORIST 2017 an unmissable event, please find attached the report on our 2017 edition. This year’s LORIST show will feature:

  • hunting and fishing supplies and equipment
  • all-terrain vehicle trade show
  • small animal exposition
  • hunting dog exhibition

We cordially invite you and your organization to exhibit at 2018 LORIST, whose international recognition is attested by being a proud member of UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, for forty years.

For years, Novi Sad International Agricultural Fair (IAF) has been sponsoring the Best Technological Innovation Contest and supporting agricultural entrepreneurs in shaping the future of agriculture. At the IAF Hall 3, Milan Ugljanin’s innovative new irrigation systems have received a lot of attention at the Best Technological Innovation Contest (BTIC) stall.

 Another innovative agricultural idea has also caused a stir. Visitors to the show have had a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with Ingel’s innovations, which were showcased at the BTIC, but also at the Economic and Commercial Office of Embassy of Spain in Serbia pavilion.

At this year’s IAF we’re showcasing mainly agricultural machinery from four different Spanish manufacturers, one of which sells its machines through Ingel Agro, a Serbian dealer network for agricultural and turf irrigation.  

Over 120 participants signed up for AgroB2B meetings at 85th Annual International Agricultural Fair organized by Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Novi Sad Business Incubator and the Development Agency of Serbia. According to Marko Kovacevic, Head of the EU Integration Centre in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, such a good turnout speaks to the fact companies realize the benefits these gatherings might have to their businesses.

”The registration numbers are impressive, participants are from 16 countries, the vast majority are from Italy and China”, said Kovacevic, the International Agricultural Fair has organized these B2B gatherings for the fifth consecutive year, and every time the results are far better than expected. There’s no doubt companies like to take part in AgroB2B events, they see them as important to their business, especially because they provide opportunities for networking and sharing ideas and so far no fewer than 4 big business deals have been closed between local and foreign companies.  

City of Novi Sad officials concluded an agreement at Nizhny Novgorod Business Forum with a delegation of Nizhny Novgorod, one of the sister cities of Novi Sad. The agreement said the two twin towns would meet at this year’s 85th Annual International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad. ”There’s a strong heritage here about building relationships between cities at this level,” said Novi Sad Council member Milorad Radojevic. Novi Sad and Nizhny Novgorod have been twin cities since 2006.

”This mutual cooperation has so far been only on the cultural and educational basis, but now we want to expand these relations from the two arenas into the economic arena”, said Maria Kondratieva, Head of the Department for Foreign Economic Affairs of the Committee for External Economic and Interregional Relations of the city with the population of 1,300,000 people. Following the visit to the Expo, the Russian delegation which includes business owners, who are currently exhibiting agricultural lubricants and fluids at the Master Hall, their itinerary will include the City Hall, Novi Sad Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Faculty of Technical Sciences.

The National People’s Congress of China delegation’s three-day visit to Serbia was wrapped up by attending the 85th Annual International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad. Novi Sad Fair CEO Slobodan Cvetković was quite appreciative of a great deal of effort the Serbian National Assembly had put in to making this possible. Cvetković also went on to say the International Agricultural Fair is by far the greatest, most informative and in-depth farming event in the region and Novi Sad is the place to make big deals.” Serbia is the place where East meets West, in other words, Western businesses are looking to find business associates in East while Eastern companies are seeking opportunities to break into western markets.”

In a series of interviews, members of the two delegations identified a number of fields where the two nations might expand existing efforts or start new initiatives.” Our country takes a lot of pride in maintaining close ties with China regarding agriculture, and we remain committed to strengthening of business and economic cooperation with it”, said Cvetković. ”I am also proud to say Chinese business owners have been on the exhibitors list for three years now and it would certainly be an honour to have China as a partner country someday”, he added.

One of the Vice Chairpersons of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress of China, Cao Jianming, touted the generosity and welcoming he received by the Serbian delegation and the Novi Sad Fair CEO, and invited them to be the guests at the first China’s export trade fair, a trade exhibition dedicated to international companies that wish to expand their business in China. It’ll take place in November 2018 in Shanghai, China.

The National People’s Congress of China delegation is made up of as many as twenty members, including the National People's Congress Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee vice chairs, vice chairman of the National People's Congress (NPC) Financial and Economic Affairs Committee and the National People's Congress Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Committee. During the tour of the 85th Annual International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, they visited a number of booths, including that of the Provincial Government, Chamber of Economy of Vojvodina, Ministry of Agriculture and many more.

This year’s Novi Sad International Agricultural Fair machinery show sees a new generation of a self-propelled machine with both sprayer booms and a spreader. According to Vršac Agromineral Managing Director Branimir Popov, we’re seeing a big push toward multi-use implements such as Stara Imperador 3.0. It’s a middle boom system where it functions as a sprayer, but also as a fertilizer spreader. It’s the first and only self-propelled sprayer equipped with cutting-edge technology, the cabin is equipped with intelligent and functional items so that it provides greater comfort while performing a task.

This heavy duty giant has got a built-in system that is able to accurately apply fertilizer, it allows for splitting up between the nitrogen and fungicide application while maintaining the same track, ensuring greater speed and efficiency in application. Depending on the region, its autonomy can reach up to 65 hectares per hour. It sells at the price of €300,000 value added tax excluded, and customers are entitled to a 3-4 per cent discount for all payments made by the end of the month.

The biggest agricultural exposition in Southeast Europe - the 85th Annual International Agricultural Fair -  has thrown opened its gates. For the next seven day, the 2018 IAF Novi Sad will continue to be a marketplace and a celebration of all things agriculture.

Slogan “Srbija među šljivama” ustuknuo je pred sloganom “Srbija među napuštenim kućama”, kaže predsednik Akademijskog odbora SANU za selo, akademik Dragan Škorić, ilustrujući to podatkom da u selima širom naše zemlje ima više od 50.000 napuštenih kuća.

Ministarstvo poljoprivrede, vodoprivrede i šumarstva tokom 85. međunarodnog poljoprivrednog sajma pripremilo je niz sastanaka i radionica na kojima poljoprivredni proizvođači i stručnjaci iz različitih oblasti agrara i pratećih grana prenose najnovija znanja i razmenjuju iskustva.

Organsko voće i povrće, med i proizvodi od meda, proizvodi koji sadrže dodatu vrednost i nose oznaku geografskog porekla...Sve nabrojano i još mnogo više, može se videti na ovogodišnjoj izložbi „Kvalitet više“, na Međunarodnom poljoprivrednom sajmu.

Jedna od najzanimljivijih sorti ovaca na 85. međunarodnom poljoprivrednom sajmu je domaća, autohtona sorta – svrljiška pramenka. Izgledom podseća na alpaku, pitomošću vuče na kućnog ljubimca, a kvalitetom na ovcu vrhunske rase.

Na Međunarodnom poljoprivrednom sajmu prvi put se predstavljaju mali proizvođači hrane i pića iz Vojvodine, u okviru izložbe „Vojvodina gastro region“, čiji je nastup, ali i proizvodnju, podržao Pokrajinski sekretarijat za poljoprivredu, vodoprivredu i šumarstvo.

Science for the ProfessionImportance of International Agricultural Fair lies also in numerous congress activities organised in cooperation with exhibitors and professional audience.

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