Serbia is the regional center in the field of agriculture

– I wish to congratulate the Novi Sad Fair on managing to organize, after almost two years, one of the most reputable trade fairs in Europe. This event is a proof that life must go on and that we need to learn to live with COVID-19 virus and invest more effort into the vaccination campaign, in order to create conditions for further development of economy, agriculture and all other sectors, said the Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication, Tatjana Matić at the opening ceremony of the 88th International Agricultural Fair, 53rd International Fair of Hunting and Fishing and the Fair of Ecology.

  • I am certain that during the following week Serbia will be the regional center when it comes to agriculture and food industry, which is of utmost importance to the growth of the GNP of Serbia, since this prestigious event has gathered over 800 exhibitors from Serbia and 17 countries.

Tatjana Matic 1892021

The minister pointed out that the Novi Sad Fair had confirmed the high ranking it has held for decades by successfully organizing these events in September and that it had established an event that Serbia was proud of, because it is recognizable in the region, Europe and the whole world.

  • The greatest satisfaction comes from the fact that a number of companies have been introduced to the Serbian market at this event and that many agreements have been signed at this very place. I can only hope that this practice will continue in the future and that many companies, which are present at the Novi Sad Fair and in our country for the first time this year, will return and remain present on our market forever, Tatjana Matić added.

Igor Mirović, President of the Provincial Government, stated that in the circumstances dominated by the Corona virus pandemic, which has been present all over the world for more than a year, the opening ceremony of the Fair was a great day.

– This feeling is shared not only among the organizers, but also among all those who gather at this Fair and look forward to it for decades: farmers, farm owners, entrepreneurs, companies… all those dealing with agriculture, as well as exhibitors from abroad, said Mirović

He expressed his belief that this Fair, due to the challenges imposed by the pandemic, would be a symbol of return to normal life and work.

– We boast significant economic resources and production capacities, we have a centuries-long tradition in agriculture, which is one of the most important branches of economy in Vojvodina and Serbia, which naturally defines the attitude of the Provincial Government towards agriculture. – Since 2016, we have significantly increased the budget for agriculture and there are more fields within agriculture which receive subsidies, such as the irrigation systems, enlargement of cattle farms, fruit and vegetable processing facilities, introduction of anti-hail nets and greenhouses for organic production. Particularly important is the support to young people to remain in rural areas. This year alone, we’ve invested 200 million dinars in this demographic revival.

He also announced that in the following two years a completely automated anti-hail system will be built in Vojvodina. Apart from the functioning radar center on Fruška gora, radar centers in Samoš and Bajša will see investments of 1.4 billion dinars.

– This confirms that we are proud of agriculture, whose gem in the crown is the International Agricultural Fair, which has been declared open for the 88th time, to our great joy, along with the 53rd International Fair of Hunting and Fishing and the Fair of Ecology, Mirović said. 

The Check Republic is the partner-country of the Agricultural Fair and H.E., Ambassador of the Check Republic to Serbia, Tomas Kuchta said that the organization of this event in the traditional way, with exhibitors and visitors, was a remarkable step.

– The Check Republic recognizes the Western Balkans, and Serbia in particular, as an important country when it comes to agriculture and food industry, said Kuchta. We have had our national stand at this even since 2017, because, like many other countries, we recognize the Fair in Novi Sad, as the ideal place to develop existing and establish new co-operations.

– Agricultural production is one of the most important contributors to the GNP of the Republic of Srpska, and Serbia is our biggest foreign-market partner and largest investor, said the Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska, Radovan Višković. – I expect businesspeople from the Republic of Srpska to use the Fair to gain new experience and make new deals, but also to acquire new knowledge and learn from the experiences of much more powerful and greater economies.

– Events like these have a large impact on the economic growth, not only of Novi Sad, but the whole region, said the deputy Mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Đurić. – The City of Novi Sad strongly supports the organization of the International Agricultural Fair and has been increasing, year after year, the amount allocated in the budget to support farmers, especially young people.

Specific circumstances

– By declaring the biggest and most beautiful events at the Novi Sad Fair open, we are not only thinking about the health of people and our environment, but also about the health of economy, which receives the kiss of life through these events, said the General Manager of the Novi Sad Fair, Slobodan Cvetković. – In these specific circumstances, thanks to mutual trust and support, we’ve have gathered exhibitors from 17 countries from all over the world, we’ve managed to organize all traditional segments of these fair events in the traditional way, on our fairground. I would like to thank all those who helped us organize this event exactly how it is today, and I hope all participants enjoy success.

The Fair – important impulse

  • It is visible that, despite the pandemic, there is great interest in the Agricultural Fair and it is clear that farmers from Serbia and the whole world yearn for events like this one and return to traditional economic activities, said Tatjana Matić after visiting the stands. –Agriculture is a major contributor to the GNP of Serbia and, consequently, being able to organize this Fair is an important impulse to producers of agricultural and food products in our country.


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