Lorist, Tourism Expo - October 3-8th

Novi Sad Fair is gearing up for fall in hosting a celebration of the golden jubilee of Lorist —the International Fair of Hunting, Fishing and Sport — and the Tourism expo. 

Notable opening dates include: October 3-8th — the International Fair of Hunting, Fishing and Sport, Fair of Horticulture and the “Eco World” show; October 5-7th — Tourism Fair and Sports Expo. In conjunction to these two comes the annual and ever popular Fair of Horse Breeding running from October 5-8th. 

Marking its 50th anniversary, the Fair of Hunting and Fishing will host the National Gamekeeping Trophy Exhibition, the biggest gamekeepers’ show of its kind in Europe this year. Exhibitors will showcase their latest from all key areas of the industry like hunting gear and fishing equipment together with the state enterprise “Zastava oružje”.

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In Hall 1of the “Master” Center, Hunters Associations of Vojvodina and the Republic of Srpska will provide the visitors with valuable information on their current activities and projects for recreational sport hunters and outdoor enthusiasts followed by the Hunters’ Day Event where hunters will compete in making delicious venison stew for venison lovers to enjoy the experience of preparing and eating venison as never before imagined.Lorist will also showcase all-terrain vehicles for hunting and fishing, outdoor wear, equipment and accessories.

The major focus point of the International Tourism Fair (ITF) will be the Danube region with the event organized around the inbound tourism. Hundreds of domestic tour operators, travel organizers and agencies from across the board are preparing to converge at the ITF offering travel packages, guided tours and escorted vacations, including spa and wellness tours. The 2017 Tourism Fair Partner Country is Montenegro. Some of the most prominent exhibitors include Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary.

The Provincial Government of the Autonomous province of Vojvodina will also be making an appearance — the Provincial Secretariats for Economy and Tourism, Agriculture, Urban Planning and Environmental Protection and for Sports and Youth will be showcasing their best. Tourist Organization of Vojvodina will bring the domestic travel trade right to the doorstep of local tourism industry operators, giving them valuable first-hand experience of the country so that they are better equipped to encourage their clients to choose local towns and counties as their next holiday destination.

The Organization will also host an event that will gather up a number of leading representatives of the European tourism regions to discuss the challenges of the sector followed by B2B gatherings of both local and foreign exhibitors and visitors to the Fair.

A very special feature of this year’s International Tourism Fair will be the “Roman Emperors Route” — one of the largest national tourism projects in Serbia to tour the world and is finally here for all the visitors to the Fair to see it. The ITF invites you to enjoy the many offerings of the “Wine Street” event. It will feature a wide array of locally produced wines that showcase the country’s most outstanding grapes followed by the culinary competition “Gastro Challenges” that will gather up food enthusiasts. From high school students to college students to professional chefs, all will be sharpening their knives in a bid to impress and win a place. The 2017 Tourism Fair will also host the National Employment Service Event expected to present visitors to the Fair with career opportunities. 

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