Novi Sad - a Good Place to do Business

The National People’s Congress of China delegation’s three-day visit to Serbia was wrapped up by attending the 85th Annual International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad. Novi Sad Fair CEO Slobodan Cvetković was quite appreciative of a great deal of effort the Serbian National Assembly had put in to making this possible.

Cvetković also went on to say the International Agricultural Fair is by far the greatest, most informative and in-depth farming event in the region and Novi Sad is the place to make big deals.” Serbia is the place where East meets West, in other words, Western businesses are looking to find business associates in East while Eastern companies are seeking opportunities to break into western markets.”

In a series of interviews, members of the two delegations identified a number of fields where the two nations might expand existing efforts or start new initiatives.” Our country takes a lot of pride in maintaining close ties with China regarding agriculture, and we remain committed to strengthening of business and economic cooperation with it”, said Cvetković. ”I am also proud to say Chinese business owners have been on the exhibitors list for three years now and it would certainly be an honour to have China as a partner country someday”, he added.

One of the Vice Chairpersons of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress of China, Cao Jianming, touted the generosity and welcoming he received by the Serbian delegation and the Novi Sad Fair CEO, and invited them to be the guests at the first China’s export trade fair, a trade exhibition dedicated to international companies that wish to expand their business in China. It’ll take place in November 2018 in Shanghai, China.

The National People’s Congress of China delegation is made up of as many as twenty members, including the National People's Congress Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee vice chairs, vice chairman of the National People's Congress (NPC) Financial and Economic Affairs Committee and the National People's Congress Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Committee. During the tour of the 85th Annual International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, they visited a number of booths, including that of the Provincial Government, Chamber of Economy of Vojvodina, Ministry of Agriculture and many more.

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