The International Fairs “Lorist” Opened at the Novi Sad Fair

Within the International Fairs “Lorist” that gathered 500 exhibitors from 20 countries, the 52nd International Hunting and Fishing Fair and the 27th International Ecology Fair were opened at the Novi Sad Fair. The Partner Country of Lorist is Hungary and the event was opened by Istvan Pastor, the chairman of the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

– I am impressed with what can be seen at this fair. The exhibits are in accordance with the latest trends and I am sure that the entire exhibition meets the expectations of hunters and fishermen – Pastor said. – Lorist has been a Novi Sad’s, Vojvodina’s, Serbian and regional brand for a very long time, due to those who exhibit on it and visit it, those who reflect on the previous hunting season and plan the season for the next year. The fact that Hungary is the Partner Country of this year's Lorist is especially significant because it confirms the political framework of cooperation between our two countries. The Hungarian presence at this venue is also significant since in 2021 this country will host the World Hunting Exhibition, and I hope it will feature the Novi Sad Fair and the exhibitors that are here today.

State Secretary of the Hungarian Government Atila Sinai emphasized that Lorist is a fair in which a lot of passion and expertise has been invested.

– We are very glad to share our experience and knowledge in these fields with Serbia because we really have a long and rich tradition and I am convinced that there will be a lot of participants from your country at the upcoming World Hunting Exhibition – Sinai pointed out.

Several provincial secretariats – those of agriculture, water management and forestry, sports and youth, urbanism and environment, as well as of economy and tourism – will be very active during Lorist, especially at the Ecology Fair, which is one third larger in volume and in number of exhibitors than the previous year.

– In the coming days, we will present activities related to environmental monitoring for 2018, what kind of air we breathe, what kind of quality the soil is, and we will also present a geoportal – the Provincial Secretary of Urbanism and Environmental Protection Vladimir Galic announced.

– The City of Novi Sad will be the most represented at the Sports Fair during Lorist, which will be opened today, but this event is very important for Novi Sad, not only in the field of hunting, fishing and environmental protection, as well as tourism, but also in the entire economy, because what is happening at this fair also reflects in the economy of the city, the province and the state – the Mayor of Novi Sad Milos Vucevic said. – We need to pay more attention to environmental protection, the protection and sustainable development, and we can do it all, very specifically, with our attitude towards our region and the city. One of the steps that will contribute to that and that is taken over by the City of Novi Sad is that 10,000 trees will be planted soon.

According to the CEO of the Novi Sad Fair, Slobodan Cvetkovic, Lorist presented a complete offer of the Danube region in the field of hunting, fishing, tourism, ecology and sports, and the presence of Hungary as the Partner Country significantly contributes to the quality and credibility of the event.

– In order to create quality events, we have to keep up with the times and current world topics – Cvetkovic said. – Environmental protection is the topic of leading international summits and represents the focus of this year's Lorist, where seven recycling islands were set up. The hunting segment is at a very high level this year, and the National Trophy Exhibition has been organized with the Hunting Federation of Serbia. This year, after 30 years, in cooperation with the Equestrian Federation of Serbia, an equestrian competition will be held, which has been categorized among the competitions of the World Equestrian Federation. On Friday, October 4th, there will be Family Day and numerous gastronomic surprises, shooting competition, small animals exhibition, gifts for visitors, etc held.