55th International Fair of Tourism

About the Fair

28th - 30th November

General Sponsor - Globos Osiguranje


In 2024, when the Novi Sad Fair enters its second century of existence, the 55th International Fair of Tourism will be held from November 28 to 30. As an independent event, it was held for the first time in 2022 and demonstrated the justification of the new concept while meeting the expectations of exhibitors and visitors.

The focus of Tourism Fair at the Novi Sad Fair is focused on the receptive tourism of the Danube region and the tourist offer of destinations for tour operators who want to enter into business agreements with tourism service providers from the 14 countries of the Danube basin.

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Number of direct exhibitors: 128

Number of participants at the stands: 283

Number of countries: 9 Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, North Macedonia, Cameroon and Italy

Partner region: Boka Kotorska

Space: Auditorium, "Master" Hall, "Master" Congress Center, "Golden Hall"

Exhibitors offered:

• Early booking for summer '24
• Arrangements for the ski season 23/24, New Year's Eve, distant destinations, European cities and tours, vacations in spas, spas, spas...
• IT solutions for catering and tourism,
• Educational programs for future tourism experts, hoteliers, and restaurateurs
• Vessels for sailors; catering and hotel industry equipment

The offer of tourist experiences in the region was presented by:

• More than 20 travel agencies
• More than 50 spas, thermal baths, spas, spa centers, hotels, ski centers...
• More than 100 tourism organizations - from national level, provincial, and regional, to organizations of cities and municipalities...
• Media houses that follow tourism and everything related to tourism, departmental institutions, associations... were also present.

Exhibitors presented services and capacities, exchanged experiences, and made new business contacts. Numerous promotions, presentations, panels, expert gatherings, tastings, and raffle games at the stands were organized... The general impression is that the Tourism Fair in Novi Sad is more beautiful, richer, and more visited, and many have announced their arrival in 2024 as well, but in more stronger composition.

Exhibitor structure:

- Agencies - 19 (7%)
- Hotels, spas, thermal baths, spas... - 51 (18%) (29 spas, thermal baths, spas + 21 hotels, restaurants, accommodation facilities)
- Tourist organizations and regions - 89 (312%)
- Institutions, chambers... - 31 (11%)
- Educational institutions, IT companies, media, insurance... - 35 (12%)
- Equipment for tourist facilities - 5 (2%)
- Gastro - 22 (8%)
- Other - 31 (11%)

Number of visitors: 14,800

B2B meetings - 108 meetings and meetings at the exhibitors' stands

Hosted Buyer program - 5 agencies from Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Slovenia

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1. REGION-PARTNER – a title awarded to a region focused on the market of the Danube region, which implies participation in the Fair; mutual promotion; organizing joint programs and projects before the start of the Fair; participation of the exhibitor at the stand of the Region-partner, by choice; creation of joint protocol activities and thematic gatherings.

In 2023, the partner region of the 54th International Tourism Fair was Boka Kotorska. The Ministry of Tourism, Ecology, Sustainable Development and Development of the North of Montenegro and the National Tourist Organization of Montenegro in cooperation with local tourist organizations of Herceg Novi, Tivat, Kotor, Budva, Bar, and Ulcinj presented the tourist offer of Montenegro. As they say, it is the first time that Boka Kotorska is performing as an entity, as a partner at a fair, and this is a move that they believe will leave a mark in the future, and will more often be a partner as a Region. Special emphasis is placed on holidays and New Year's Eve with concerts by famous artists, but also ski resorts and special programs such as festivals, carnivals, and events intended for the youngest.

The Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Tourism presented itself within the Pavilion of the Secretariat at this year's 54th International Tourism Fair. On the last day of the Tourism Fair, on Saturday, December 2, "Probus Day" was organized - a day of promotion of all winemakers on the territory of AP Vojvodina, with the expected presence of participants from Montenegro and Croatia. On the first day, the "Best from Vojvodina" were promoted, both those who received the designation in the previous two years, as well as new winners.

Previously, the future of tourism was promoted on the territory of AP Vojvodina, with the presence of about 50 students from schools and faculties who have tourism and hospitality majors, as well as street exercise for a healthy lifestyle.

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2. HOSTED-BUYER PROGRAM - participation of tour operators who directly conclude business contracts with travel agencies at B2B meetings.

The Hosted Buyer program was created and designed as an integral part of the Fair in 2017 to enable exhibitors to meet with tour operators from abroad, and to create an opportunity for guests of the Fair to get to know and experience Novi Sad, the surroundings, and the specifics of what our climate offers.
In 2023, the tourist agencies "Big Blue Group" and "Kontiki Travel & Service" organized business meetings with 100 sub-agents from Vojvodina and organized 30 hoteliers from the Antalya and Aegean regions of Turkey to visit the fair and talk with the participants.

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3. AWARDS FOR ACHIEVEMENTS IN TOURISM - medals, plaques, charters, cups - are awarded for top results in the field of tourism according to the evaluation of the Commission formed by the Novi Sad Fair (award for large hotels (over 150 beds), medium-sized hotels (from 81 to 150 beds), small hotels (up to 80 beds), motels, spas, tourist organizations, restaurants, cafes, events, educational institutions...)

At the Evening of Champions of the International Fair of Tourism, in the "Master" Congress Center, on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, a special honor was given to the winners of the top honors of the Novi Sad Fair. The City of the Sun, Trebinje, Republika Srpska - Bosnia and Herzegovina - was awarded the big championship cup for its outstanding contribution to the development of the hotel industry and tourism in the Republic of Srpska. 43 Cups of the Novi Sad Fair were also presented. An hour earlier medals, plaques, charters, and diplomas were presented in the Great Hall. The quality of tourist facilities and services was evaluated in Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, BiH-RS, Croatia, and Romania, and about 140 evaluation participants were evaluated. The best large, medium, and small hotels, hostels, cafés, pastry shops, pizzerias, apartments, guesthouses, home-made accommodations, camps, tourist agencies, restaurants, tourist manifestations, festivals, attractions and events, educational institutions in tourism, other institutions were awarded, facilities and services...

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4. CAREER DAYS IN TOURISM - a thematic unit intended for all those looking for a job in tourism (hotels, catering facilities... and students, workers in tourism) which is realized in cooperation with employment services and agencies, student and professional associations, faculties and exhibitors at the Fair.

Career days as a special segment of the Fair of Tourism were organized in 2023, at the stand in Hall "Master". In addition to the chance to meet tourism job seekers and exhibitors - potential employers, it was also a place for presentations, promotions, and panels.

The tourist offer of Istria was presented, presentations were held: New opportunities in the promotion of tourist destinations - presentation for representatives of tourist organizations and small accommodation facilities; Enable customers to book online and build your promotional network - introduction to tour and activity organizers; Dual education - education tailored to the economy; Application of artificial intelligence in tourism; Make your dreams come true - Travel, share your experiences and earn money - introducing the affiliate program of the BOS4.tours platform. Gastronomic panels were also held: Modern national cuisine of the Balkans - Can we go to the world?, Menu creation - owner's requirements and guest's expectations, Catering equipment: quality or price? The use of modern appliances in keeping with culinary trends; Modern cooking techniques - need or prestige?, How to get quality chef training? Differences between the Balkan and world education systems, Per aspera ad astra - How to get a Michelin star and why?

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5. HORECA - exhibition of equipment and accessories with the promotion of the Gastro-region and potentials for the development of gastro-tourism

6. GASTRONOMY COMPETITIONS - students and professionals (chefs, waiters, bartenders, pastry chefs...) - AT the Fair they have the opportunity to "test their strength" in preparation and presentation

In 2023, the Zelena dolina Association, the HORECA Association Kragujevac, and the Novi Sad fair, as in previous years, organized an international competition of professional chefs (senior and junior) at the Tourism Fair, called Gastro Cup Serbia 2023.

The competition lasted two days, in Hall "Master". All visitors could enjoy exciting competitions, molecular gastronomy, a Cooking Show, presentations of different national cuisines, seminars, education, lectures, and guest workshops. The Gastro Cup of Serbia is supported by the elite associations of world gastronomy, domestic and foreign culinary associations, and from whose ranks are the judges at the event. Domestic and foreign experts see Gastro Cup Serbia as a unique event that improves the culinary profession, gathering chefs from Serbia and the world in one place.

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An integral part of the Tourism Fair in 2023, at the Novi Sad Fair was the 33rd assembly of hospitality and tourism workers of Serbia.

The organizer of the event is the Association for Preservation, Improvement, and Development of Hospitality and Tourism of the Republic of Serbia. The event was held in the area of ​​the Golden Hall of the Novi Sad Fair - competition, announcement of winners with presentation of awards and ceremony - Opening and awarding of awards. There are numerous categories in which they competed: Performing reception work, Preparing a double room, Preparing a bar mix, Presenting and serving white, red, and sparkling wines, Waiter competition in setting the tables, Serving a formal lunch, Pastry chef competition in making an exhibit of pastry works, Competition bakery in making various types of pastries and bakery products, Preparing national dishes, Cooking preparing a festive menu of 4 gangs, Preparing dishes in a cauldron, Carving, Chef competition in making cooking exhibits of classical cuisine, Performing reception work, Preparing bar mix, Serving a festive lunch, Chocolate dessert, Cauldron, Pastry exhibits.

The PROLOM BANJA SPECIAL HOSPITAL took first place among adults with 1260 points and 5 cups. Among the students, the best were those from SVETOZAR MILETIĆ, NOVI SAD. They won 2149 points and 8 cups...

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7.  MEDIA FOR TOURISM AND MEDIA ABOUT TOURISM - publishers, journalists, and bloggers who follow events in culture and literature

8. TOURIST OMNIBUS - education - presentations - promotions: in the Congress Center of the Fair and the exhibition areas

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9. PARTNERS' EVENING - a central gathering of Fair participants and guests chosen by the PARTNER REGION (second day of the Fair)

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...before the winter season
...and as the first offer for the 2023 summer
...balneal, spa, and wellness destinations in the region
...business trips
...tourist offer of cities
...gastronomy offer
...HORECA assortment
...IT solutions for tourism
...careers in tourism
...and contacts with foreign tour operators


The story of the former glory and ruin of the Roman city and the Viminacium military camp drew the attention of not only the national, but also the world public on the world cultural and historical stage, and during the Tourism Fair in 2023, it graced the Hall of the Novi Sad Fair. The topic "Challenges of preserving cultural heritage for the development of tourism" was discussed at a panel that brought together experts from the fields of archeology and science, who during the conversation tried to find answers to current questions. The fact that 34 archaeological sites can already be found on the UNESCO list, said Dr. Nemanja Mrđic from the Belgrade Archaeological Institute, speaks of the importance of the localities of our entire country.

In cooperation with the professionals of the Archaeological Institute from Belgrade, a cultural-scientific forum on the protection of the Danube Limes "Living Danube Limes" was organized, to open a dialogue on the implementation of many measures for the protection of ancient infrastructure and the development of the tourist potential of the 2000-year-old Roman heritage on the Danube. As they say, not a single visitor to the Tourism Fair bypassed the exhibition.

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The tenth international conference of students of tourism and hotel management, MEKST, was held during the 54th international tourism fair, on December 2, 2023. It gathered around 800 participants from 15 European countries. The main motive and goals for launching the conference are to gain new knowledge from renowned experts in the field of tourism, the hotel industry, and marketing for young leaders and those who want to become them, connecting, exchanging experiences, and socializing. With the support of the World Tourism Organization, the day was spent educating, entertaining, and connecting all young people.

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  • The Hosted Buyer program was created and designed as an integral part of the Fair in 2017 to enable exhibitors to meet with tour operators from abroad and to create an opportunity for guests of the Fair to get to know and experience Novi Sad, the surroundings and the specifics of our climate.
  • Tourist guides are present for direct contacts and contracting cooperation with travel agencies and organizers.
  • Young people are especially the focus of the International Tourism Fair within the Career Days in Tourism segment.
  • Representatives of trade union organizations are part of the business audience that comes to the Fair in an organized manner with the aim of business meetings with participants who offer facilities for vacations and accommodation for employees.
  • Associations of pensioners are animated to make it possible to arrange travel for members of that organization.

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Exhibitors perform in thematic units of 10 groups of participants from the country and abroad:
• travel agencies, tour operators, subagents
• tourist facilities (hotels, resorts, boarding houses, hostels...)
• tourist organizations at all levels,
• public administration in the function of tourism,
• branch, professional associations, associations, and other organizations,
• producers and traders of the HORECA program,
• manufacturers and traders of food and beverages,
• academic community and scientific and educational institutions,
• insurance companies and financial institutions
• the media

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Entrance to the 54th International Fair of Tourism was free.

Proposals, ideas, and initiatives for your inclusion in the offer can be sent to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Support for holding the International Fair of Tourism in Novi Sad was announced by:

Chamber of Commerce of Serbia
Tourist Organization of Serbia
Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Tourism
Tourist organization of Vojvodina
City of Novi Sad and Tourist Organization of Novi Sad
Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina
Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Novi Sad


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