85th International Agricultural Fair

About the Fair

About the Fair

International Agricultural Fair is the largest and most important exhibition of agriculture in Central and South Eastern Europe. For 85 years, it has been the leading event in Novi Sad, Vojvodina and Serbia. It is so much more than an exhibition. Its modern concept stimulates trans-national and business cooperation, integrates improvement of knowledge, production and development of science. Along with these, the Fair promotes significance of innovations and represents the synthesis of experiences and achievements in Serbian agriculture, it provides strong support for Serbian economy, and its overall contribution and importance can be measured through accomplishments of exhibitors attained under its roof.

Exceptionally important segment comprises business and professional gatherings, focusing on the most current topics, together with unavoidable transfer of knowledge and experience. Direct meetings of businesspersons from all over the World, taking place at the Fair’s International Business Meetings AgroB2B, are witnessing increase in numbers of participants every year.

Working Hourse: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Family Day - Friday, 18th May



  • Agricultural machinery, equipment and parts 36%
  • Food and beverages 10%
  • Machinery and equipment for food processing industry 9%
  • Cattle breeding 11%
  • Plant production 9%
  • Commercial structures and facilities for processing, final processing and storage in plant production 11%
  • Organic agricultural production 2%
  • Packaging 2%
  • Renewable energy sources 2%
  • Financial services 2%
  • Institutional and associational services 2%
  • Other 4%


  • Agro business Career Days
  • Agro test site
  • Cattle auction
  • Show jumping competition
  • Carriage driving competition
  • Horse-shoeing competition
  • Harnessing competition
  • Carriage show and promotion of child drivers
  • Small animals exhibition
  • Cattle Breeders’ Day with Ceremonial procession of prize cattle
  • Equestrian Day
  • Champions' Evening


Features of the 84th International Agricultural Fair 

  • Accomplished excellent direct sales during the Fair
  • Number of concluded businesses and signed pre-contracts to be executed in the post-Fair period higher than the previous year
  • Exhibition space expansion of 10% compared to previous year
  • Bigger agro mechanisation exhibition
  • More exhibits at the National Cattle Breeder’s Day
  • More exhibitors at exhibitions of organic and products with geographical origin labels
  • Increased number of foreign participants;
  • A large number of official visits (Russia, Germany, Japan, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Switzerland, France, China)
  • Additional contents created for professional and wide audiences

 Agricultural Fair of 2017 in numbers

  • Open exhibition space: 47,000 m²
  • Covered/closed exhibition space: 11,000 m²
  • Number of exhibitors: 1,500
  • Direct exhibitors from 26 countries
  • Ten joint exhibitions of companies from: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic,France, the Netherlands, Italy, Israel, China, Hungary and Spain  
  • Livestock exhibition: 5,000 m²
  • Products and services quality appraisal in 30 commodity groups
  • Number of registered visitors in 2017: 140,000



Participating in the Agricultural Fair entitles companies to have their general information included in Novi Sad Fair mobile application. Direct communication between exhibitors and visitors during and after the Fair, as well as personalized advertising, are also made possible. Companies which are not exhibitors may also advertise using the application.
Visitors can search for exhibitors by commodity group or company name, whereasfinding one’s way around the Fair is made easier using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer.


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