90th International Agricultural Fair

About the fair

20th - 26th May 2023.

Indoor and outdoor space of the Novi Sad Fair, Aula, and Congress Center "Master"

Partner Country Italy

General sponsor Globos Osiguranje

 Family Day, Wednesday, 24th

International agricultural fair then and now

Next year will be extremely important for the Novi Sad Fair - it will mark its 100th anniversary and from May 20 to 26, organize the 90th International Agricultural Fair, an event that has recently been labeled the Best of Vojvodina.

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The first international agricultural fair and exhibition of livestock was held in Novi Sad from March 14 to 18, 1931, as the first organized exhibition and fair of breeding livestock in the entire territory of the then Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

1,039 heads of cattle, pigs, stallions, sheep, and goats were shown at the exhibition. A special pavilion was dedicated to dairy products. There were also veterinary medicines, fodder, seeds, equipment for feeding pigs, and elevators.

The fair was organized by the Joint-Stock Company for Exhibitions and Sample Fairs, which was founded by a group of merchants and industrialists from Novi Sad, to organize fairs professionally and become permanent.


Today, the International Agricultural Fair is the largest and most important exhibition of farmers in this part of Europe. It brings together all significant actors of agribusiness and representatives of economic branches that rely on agriculture, from Serbia and the world.

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At the Novi Sad fair, the latest technical and technological achievements in agriculture, the application of science in agriculture, exhibitions of organic food, as well as those with designations of geographical origin, the richness of the domestic gene pool, the most modern agricultural machinery, products, and services from the most remote corners of the world are simultaneously presented.

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At the same time, the most current topics in the field of agriculture are discussed through expert meetings, round tables, education, and presentations, with a special focus on improving knowledge and examples of good practice. Business gatherings include meetings with economic, scientific, and political delegations, as well as direct meetings with businessmen from all over the world.

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With its modern concept, the Novi Sad Agricultural Fair encourages interstate and economic cooperation and integrates the improvement of knowledge, production, and the development of science. In addition, it promotes the importance of innovation and represents a synthesis of experience and achievements in Serbian agriculture, it is strong support for the economy of Serbia, and its contribution and importance are measured by the success of the exhibitors that they achieve under the roof of the Novi Sad fair.



  • Open exhibition space: 47,000 m2
  • Closed exhibition space: 11,000 m2
  • Number of exhibitors: 1,100
  • Direct exhibitors from Serbia and 21 other countries: (Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Indonesia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Denmark, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Austria, Morocco, Cuba, Belgium, and Angola).
  • Countries that have exhibited for the first time at the Agricultural Fair: Cuba, Morocco, and Angola.
  • 9 collective exhibitions: Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Spain, and Indonesia, and the premier exhibition of Morocco together with others.
  • Livestock Exhibition: 5,000 m2
  • About 900 live exhibits at the National Livestock Exhibition.
  • Evaluation of the quality of products and services in 30 groups of goods.
  • Number of registered visitors at entrances is more than 140,000.

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Despite the difficulties of agricultural machine manufacturers during the years of the pandemic, the Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery has shown the most modern agricultural machinery, connecting devices, and equipment. In addition to the Business Association of Importers and Exporters of Agricultural Machinery, which has participated with 21 members, other companies from Serbia, as well as from Italy, Turkey, Austria, Slovenia, Spain, Romania, Bulgari, and the Czech Republic have also participated at the Fair. The exhibition has also brought novelties such as the tractor with auto-pilot navigation, the large disc harrow with a chopper, and machines of the Turkish company “Agrional”. In spite of the undesirable situation, the exhibitors have prepared numerous benefits for customers - from prices, over financial benefits to deliveries “day to day ”Some companies have sold everything that they have exhibited, and those that have issued more than one hundred pro forma invoices, as well as those that have sold the contingent of machines for July and August. The sale of tractors, implements, ploughs, seeders, seed drills, mechanisation for farming and fruit growing, irrigation systems and drones have been excellent.


Under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, the National Livestock Exhibition has presented about 900 “live exhibits” from the domestic gene pool. The Day of Cattle Breeders was organized at the Manege of the Novi Sad Fair on Thursday, 26th May. Awards and recognitions are given to cattle breeders and there has been a parade of the best heads of cattle. Greatest interests and even changes of owners have been in the cattle breeding sector. About fifty heads of cattle are sold and the majority of exhibitors have agreed the sale from farms. The Association of Cattle Producers has announced the large sale of 500 heads of cattle to a buyer from Serbia. The bull “Veliša”, the biggest and the heaviest bull of the 89th International Agricultural Fair, has not been sold and, as they say, there have been no offers. Sheep breeders have exhibited 519 heads and about twenty have been sold. Out of 85 horses, one has been sold and exhibited goats have not been for sale.

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The Exhibitions of Products with Added Value - Exhibitions of Organic Products, Products with Geographical Indication and “Serbian Quality” Label and Craft Beer are organized with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management. (Products with added value have to meet not only safety and quality requirements but also additional requirements and as such they can be marked with the national label for organic products or they can get some of geographical indications or the “Serbian Quality” labels). Visitors have been able to get acquainted with the offer of domestic organic products and inputs necessary for this type of agricultural production, such as reproductive materials produced by methods for organic production and substances for plant protection and nutrition that are allowed for the use in organic production.


“The Step to One Century” – In addition to already favourite segments, one exhibition has also been organized consisting of three arrangements - From the Collection of Agricultural Machinery and the Corn Exhibition (the Museum Complex Kulpin – the Museum of Vojvodina) and the Driving Industry of the Twentieth Century (the Žeravica Museum) in the Hall 3 of the Novi Sad Fair – as some sort of the introduction for the next year, 2023, when the Novi Sad Fair will mark 100 years of existence and hold the ninetieth Agricultural Fair. The “Museum” Hall of the Novi Sad Fair has been visited by hundreds of visitors on a daily basis including children who participated in workshops. Group visits to museums after the Fair have also been arranged and there have also been visitors who offered their almost 100-year-old agricultural machines for which purchase is also agreed.

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The Pavilion of the Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Tourism in the Hall “Master” has been the place where activities of the Secretariat are presented, as well as products marked the “Best of Vojvodina” and co-exhibitors, beneficiaries of subsidies granted by the Province.

The street of old crafts, honey, wine, cakes, ginger juice, natural cosmetics, tamburitza players and dancers from Vojvodina, good food and rakija, as well as brands among handicrafts: the famous Stapar carpets, the demanding technique of gold embroidery and Bačka embroidery motif for Dika's flower - all that has been found at one place.


Professional Business Meetings are mostly held in the Congress Centre “Master” of the Novi Sad Fair, as well as at the stands of exhibitors. From 21st to the 27th of May, about 50 events were organized. In the Congress Centre “Master”, the Hungary Day with B2B meetings, AgroB2B meetings, the Fruit Growers’ Day, the IPARD Day, the Cattle Breeders’ Day, and the Night of Champions has been organized.

A large number of attendees has once again confirmed that there are not only interests and desires for the establishment of new contacts but also educational, promotional, professional, and scientific gatherings in the field of agriculture.

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International Business Meetings “AgroB2B@NSFair” have been marked by the participation of representatives of 47 companies from 10 countries (Austria, France, Hungary, North Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Spain and Serbia) who have used the Fair as the place for personal meetings, for building or maintaining business relationships and for establishing new trade agreements in the field of agribusiness.

Meetings are attended by companies from the food processing industry, the production of chemical products and agricultural equipment, innovative technologies in agriculture, as well as companies dealing with the use of alternative energy sources.


Evaluation of the  Quality of Products and Services has been organised before and during the Fair and it is realised in 30 groups of products. The commissions, in which university professors and scientists work, have evaluated the quality of food products, livestock and processing and agricultural equipment and Good Design has been also estimated as the element of the success of products and services. The Night of Champions was held on Thursday, 26th May in the Congress Centre “Master”. By the unanimous decision of the members of the expert commission of the Fair, the title of the absolute leader of quality at the 89th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad is taken by the company “PATENT CO. DOO”, Mišićevo - for the highest corporate standards of quality.

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- Prize Game for Visitors,
- Family Day,
- Night of the Champions

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At the Manege:

• Public Evaluation of Cattle,
• Public Evaluation of Horses,
• Public Evaluation of Sheep,
• Hurdle Riding Camp,
• Competition in Hurdle Riding “The Novi Sad Fair Cup”,
• Cattle Breeders Day,
• Ceremony for awarding prizes and the parade of awarded heads of cattle,
• Fiacre Exhibition

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According to the records of the Novi Sad Fair, the Fair has been visited by members of cooperatives - farmers, cattle breeders, producers, members of associations of agricultural producers, pupils, students, employees of companies in the field of agriculture and related activities from Serbia and from the region, that is, from the European Union, in organized visits.

Economic, Scientific and Political Delegations: from Serbia, Hungary, Republic of Srpska, Czech Republic, Italy, European Union, Morocco, Tunisia, Slovakia, Netherlands, Syria, Cuba, Iran and Indonesia.


PARTNERS in 2022

Partner Country - Hungary

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia

Provincial Government

City of Novi Sad

General Sponsor – the Company “Globos“ Insurance

Partner Bank – Postal Savings Bank

Golden Sponsor – “Al Dahra”

Donors for the Prize Game for Visitors – Companies “Agropanonka”, “MBV” and “KITE DOO”


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