26th International Exhibition of Jewellery and Watches SJAJ

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31st March - 3rd April 2023

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In 2023, when the Novi Sad Fair celebrates its century of existence, the most glamorous event of the Novi Sad Fair, the International Jewelry and Watchmaking Exhibition SJAJ, will be held from March 31 to April 3.

For almost three decades, SJAJ has been a place of professional, guild, and business meetings, goldsmiths and watchmakers, as well as all lovers of precious metals and gems. It offers a unique opportunity to present new technologies in the processing of precious metals, collections of precious and semi-precious stones, jewelry, and watchmaking.

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Presentation content:

  • Gold and silver jewelry
  • Gems
  • Coins
  • Alloys
  • Solders
  • Engraving machines
  • Goldsmith's tools
  • Jewelry equipment
  • Alarm systems
  • Packaging
  • New technologies in jewelry making

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  • Wristwatches
  • Pocket watches
  • Table and wall clocks
  • Advertising watches
  • Tools for watchmaking

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The segment of the Exhibition of Jewellery and Watches SJAJ is a two-day Exhibition of Minerals, Fossils and Precious Stones and Jewellery - GEMEXPO, which is implemented in cooperation with the Gemmological Society of Serbia - GemS.

A special part of the event is the quality assessment, where an expert Committee evaluates the quality of the exhibits, and the most successful exhibitors are presented with prestigious awards from the Novi Sad Fair.



The 25th International Exhibition of Jewellery and Watches SJAJ has lasted four days, and it has been held during a new term and in new premises. One of the segments of this event has been the two-day Exhibition of Minerals, Fossils, Precious Stones and Jewellery - GEMEXPO.

At both Exhibitions, 50 exhibitors from six countries have taken part - Serbia, Poland, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia.

Some 50% more visitors in relation to 2019 have been registered. Out of the total number of registered visitors, 75 percent is expert audience. The majority of them are from Serbia, but they have also come from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Republic of Srpska, Russia and North Macedonia, and representatives of American and Italian companies have also seen events.

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The most glamorous event of the Novi Sad Fair, the Exhibition of Jewellery and Watches SJAJ has been held after a break of more than two years. According to exhibitors, who have initiated organisation of the event on this date, it is obvious that the desire among fellow professionals to get together again is great. Most of them agree that the new date has justified expectations. Exhibitors from Poland, who have decided to come to Novi Sad, instead of traveling to Munich for a similar event, say that they have not regretted it.

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Many business meetings have been completed in four days, but there are also those that will continue after the gates of the Fair have closed. The Exhibition SJAJ has primarily been the place for the exchange of experience and professional development, for exhibiting jewellery, semi-precious and precious stones, watches, equipment for ear piercing, machines and tools for making jewellery and watches, and equipment for displaying and packing jewellery and watches.

New technologies for processing precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones, as well as for making jewellery, have been presented. Machines for casting jewellery, melting gold, machine for making wedding rings and a special lathe that has a specific purpose in making wedding rings have been shown. Visitors also have had the opportunity to see what it looks like to make gold pendants on plates that have the weight of five grams.

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This year, the Exhibition SJAJ has been organised in new premises – the Hall 1 of the Novi Sad Fair. Almost all the exhibitors have agreed that the Exhibition looks exceptionally elegant in new premises.

The Most Expensive Exhibit

The most expensive exhibit of the Exhibition SJAJ has been displayed at the stand of the Jewellery Shop PAN - the bullion of the first Serbian investment gold. It weighs 1 kg, and it is made of 24-carat gold with a fineness of 999.9. Its value is around EUR 58,000 and it is probably the most expensive exhibit that has been displayed at the Exhibition SJAJ for the last 25 years.

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The Shiniest Are Awarded at the Exhibition SJAJ

The Commission of the Novi Sad Fair for evaluating the quality of exhibits has awarded the Diploma with Special Recognition to the hand engraver Radiša Minić from Kragujevac - for his artistic approach to precise, hand engraving. He has also received the Grand Gold Medal for engraving the motif of the Monastery Hilandar on the man's watch of the Longines brand.

The Commission of the Novi Sad Fair has decided to award the Novi Sad Jewellery Shop "Pan" with the Diploma with a Special Recognition for the first Serbian investment gold. This year, the Jewellery Shop "Zlatarstvo" Valjevo has presented a necklace with two faces, which is awarded the Silver Medal, while two Gold Medals are awarded for a jewellery set “Heart” (necklace and bracelet) and a large, richly decorated necklace to the same Jewellery Shop.

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Magioni Fine Jewellery, Belgrade, has left the Fair with the Silver Medal for the origami collection of jewellery “In corpore sano” and with Gold Medals for the unique jewellery collection with ornaments from Pirot “Roots” and the collection with the image of Emperor Constantine, “Serbian Heritage”. “Zlatni Delfin”, Belgrade is awarded two Gold Medals - for the culture of corporate performance at the Exhibition SJAJ and the Orthodox Cross made of white and yellow gold.

Two Jewellery Shops from Niš have left the Exhibition SJAJ with recognitions. The Gold Medal for the production program of necklaces and the Silver Medal for the production set of rings, both made of white and yellow gold, are awarded to the Jewellery Shop “Atina”, while the Jewellery Shop “Famiglia Orafi Stanimirović” wins the Gold Medal for the jewellery set with red corals.


Accompanying programs in 2022

At Exhibitions SJAJ and GEMEXPO, there have also been four lectures with more visitors than in previous years. It has been talked about medieval jewellery in Serbia – samples, parallels, motifs, and stone reading: records of the macro and micro worlds, reasons for colouring of precious stones, and answers have been given to the question: “How to look for precious stones?”.

The lecturers have been Mila Gajić, art historian and senior curator at the Museum of Applied Art, professor Vladimir Simić, D.Sc., and professor Zoran Miladinović, D.Sc. - Faculty of Mining and Geology, Belgrade, Serbian Gemmological Society - GemS and professor Kristina Šarić, D.Sc., Faculty of Mining and Geology, Belgrade.

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