"Sava Šumanović" Awards presented to Zvonimir Santrač

Within the scope of the Exhibition "Art Expo", held at the Novi Sad Fair, the Provincial Secretary for Culture and Public Information, Mr Milorad Đurić, presented the "Sava Šumanović" Award to this year’s laureate, Mr Zvonimir Santrač, for achievements in fine arts.

Mr Đurić emphasised the importance of opening the exhibition area for cultural and artistic contents, as a brave endeavour in these times when such topics are scarcely given any importance in public.

The jury: Ms Olivera Janković M.A., art historian from Belgrade, Ms Vesna Latinović, gallery owner from Novi Sad and Mr Sava Stepanov, art critic from Novi Sad (chairman), said that Mr Zvonimir Santrač, an artist from Vršac, with his engaged artistic expression in times of crisis, reacted with a piece of authentic work which encompasses highly ethical and aesthetic attitudes and as such they have been expressed in his individual exhibition held in the Gallery of the Cultural Centre in Vršac, in November 2011, for which he was presented with this Award.