On the verge of the 80th anniversary

The International Agricultural Fair, which has made the Novi Sad Fair recognisable worldwide and the City of Novi Sad and Serbia proud, is celebrating its 80th anniversary next year. This year, the International Agricultural Fair is organised for the 79th time, between Saturday 12th and Friday 18th May, with Austria as the Partner Country.

In the spring of 1931, between 14th and 18th March in Šumadijska Street in Novi Sad, the first International Fair and the Breeding Stock Exhibition were organised, thus becoming the symbol of the Novi Sad Fair and making it a renowned institution.

That year, business-oriented entrepreneurs and politicians from Novi Sad used the advantages of the Vojvodina plain and created an event, which has gained a favourable reputations in Serbia and throughout the world, despite economic, political and war-related difficulties.

The Fair was organised by the Alliance of Agricultural Associations of the Danube County and the Joint-stock Company for Exhibitions and the Fair of Specimen in Novi Sad. The event was declared open by the Count of the Danube County Svetomir Matić, while the welcome speech was given by one of the most prominent industrialists of the time, Đoka Dunđerski.

Most of the exhibition space was dedicated to cattle, a special pavilion was designated for the presentation of dairy products, while joint-stock companies, state and priate companies exhibited agricultural mechanisation and equipment for veterinary science. During the three days of the event, a special committee appraised the cattle and awarded the most successful exhibits, thus starting the tradition of product quality appraisal at the Novi Sad Fair.

In the following years, the International Agricultural Fair grew, developed and rightfully became the "most important event in the field of agribusiness" and one of the most renowned agricultural fairs in Europe. It has featured thousands of exhibitors from all over the world, welcomed hundreds of national and international delegations and seen millions of visitors.

The presentation of food industry, organic production, agricultural mechanisation, the Livestock Exhibition and the product quality appraisal will spearhead this year’s 79th International Agricultural Fair and the new Exhibition of Innovations will feature latest technological and technical solutions in the field of agriculture. Austria – the Partner Country – will promote its potential in both the exhibition and the congress segment. The focus will be placed on the achievements in the field of organic production, husbandry, renewable sources of energy and agricultural technology.

On the occasion of the 79th International Agricultural Fair, the Product Quality Appraisal Committee will assess products in 29 commodity groups – food, packaging, agricultural mechanisation and live exhibits at the Livestock Exhibition and the "Best in Agribusiness" and "Good Design" awards will be presented.

During the Fair, the Congress Centre of the Novi Sad Fair and the exhibition stands are expected to host numerous lectures, promotions, round-table discussions, presentations, symposia.