Royal venue for an honourable sport at the Novi Sad Fair

After three-month-long reconstruction works, Hall 1 of the Novi Sad Fair has become the first covered athletic field in Serbia. It will be used by our athletes, first of all those with the best results in the domestic and the foreign sports arena.

The adapted Hall1 of the Novi Sad Fair was declared open by the Prime Minister of Vojvodina, Mr Bojan Pajtić, PhD, who said that the reconstruction of the hall is a promise given in September at the reception of the most successful athletes from Vojvodina come true.

- We spent RSD 18 million, and the hall will make it possible for our athletes to train in adequate conditions because 5 out of 10 Olympic candidates come from Vojvodina. A number of athletes has got a venue for training, which would, we believe, contribute to further inspiring young people to take up this sport, says Mr Pajtić.

The city of Novi Sad has given RSD 3.5 million and the Mayor, Mr Igor Pavličić said that the Hall would also be used by tennis players and mentioned the possibility of finding the best possible way of heating the hall, based on solar panels or similar solutions.

During the preparatory works, all electric and PTT installations were changed, as well as the water and sewage pipes in the hall. These works were financed by the Novi Sad Fair with RSD 10 million.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Novi Sad Fair, Mr Goran Vasić, said that the oldest exhibition institution in our country opened the gates of its future development and new segments of work and promotion because the custom for the exhibition halls to be used for sporting purposes in times between events is common all over the world.

The athletic hall at the Novi Sad Fair has been done according to the standards of the International Athletic Federation and is the first of its kind in our country. The Hall will be used by 500 to 600 athletes daily, and during weekends, tournaments will be organised. The area of 2,050 m2 is covered by tracks, while 2,200 m2 are used as tennis courts, and during fairs, the tracks and courts will be covered by quality flooring which would enable adequate stand construction.