Christmas presents awarded in humanitarian campaign

The Novi Sad Fair hosted a humanitarian campaign "Christmas box", traditionally organised by "Credit Agricole Srbija" – Partner bank of the 79th International Agricultural Fair with its partners – "Metro Cash & Carry" and non-governmental organisation "Banka hrane", as well as the Novi Sad Fair.

The campaign has been organised for the past two years and the aim is for every child in Serbia to receive toys and sweets from Santa Claus.

– Apart from Novi Sad, the presents will also be distributed to children in Belgrade and Niš, while our plan is to be even more ambitious and provide even more presents, said marketing manager at "Credit Agricole Srbija" Raško Tomašević. The project "Christmas box" has seen 130 parcels given to children in Novi Sad. The parcels included sweets packed by the employees of the participating companies "Credit Agricole Srbija" and "Metro Cash & Carry", which also donated five thousand euros, respectively, thus making it possible for the parcels to be more numerous and substantial. It gives us great pleasure to help children and bring smiles on their faces, said Jelena Popović, corporate communication manager at "Metro". The ceremony was organised at the Congress Centre of the Novi Sad Fair.

– The importance of this event lies not only in the presents, but also in what they stand for. The smiles on children’s faces are priceless and it is our pleasure to organise such an event with our partners and contribute to the overall success of the campaign, said the Chief Executive Officer of the oldest fair institution in Serbia Goran Vasić.


This and the following years, "Credit Agricole Srbija", "Metro Cash & Carry" and the Novi Sad Fair will take over the role of Santa Claus and provide presents for children in foster homes and all other institutions, regardless of whether they have parents or not, but who cannot provide food due to difficult financial situations. The parcels containing toys, sweets and presents were given to the children at the Congress Centre of the Novi Sad Fair, which also hosted a theatre play "New Year’s Magic".