Potential of Agricultural Fair presented in Austria

At the meeting with the members of the Austrian Association of Agricultural Journalists, the Chief Executive Officer of the Novi Sad Fair, Goran Vasić and member of the Executive Board, Nebojša Drakulić, presented the main features of the 79th International Agricultural Fair, as well as the potential in the field of agribusiness available to companies, associations and individuals taking part in the event organised by the Novi Sad Fair.

The meeting was organised at the Agricultural Fair in Austrian Tuln and was also attended by the director of the Austrian Agricultural Cluster Herman Wiser, who said that Austrian companies were already preparing for the Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, focusing on the presentation of agricultural mechanisation, organic production, education of farmers and live exhibits at the Livestock Exhibition.

Director of "Case/Stayer" for east Europe, Poland and the Balkans, Stefan Bogner said that his company’s experience had been nothing but positive and that they had been improving their business results steadily.

Furthermore, the representatives of the Novi Sad Fair met with Christian Bravenz, agricultural attaché at the Austrian Embassy in Zagreb and Isabela Hackenberg, director of international cooperation at the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, who informed them that Austrian companies had been registering for the following International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad as expected and that they expected the opening ceremony to be attended by the Austrian Minister of Agriculture, Nikolaus Berlakovich.

The 79th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad will be held between 12th and 18th May 2012 and Austria is the Partner Country.