Leaders grow together

New strategic partner of the Novi Sad Fair in 2012 is Delta Generali Osiguranje.

A contract on strategic partnership has been signed today by the Chief Executive Officer of the Novi Sad Fair Goran Vasić and the deputy General Manager of Delta Generali Osiguranje Dragan Filipović. The contract refers to cooperation throughout the whole year and particularly the 79th INTERNATIONAL AGRICULTURAL FAIR and the 12th CAR SHOW-NOVI SAD, where Delta Generali Osiguranje will be the main sponsor.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Novi Sad Fair said that the strength of a company is also reflected in the strength of its partners.

- We have already had the pleasure of cooperating with Delta Generali Osiguranje, which is a good combination of domestic and foreign capital. This partnership will combine the positive experience from our networks to our mutual benefit, said Vasić.

- Delta Generali Osiguranje is privileged to have signed this contract with an institution that is the leader in the exhibition industry in the region, said the deputy General Manager of Delta Generali Osiguranje Dragan Filipović and added that this act rounded off the existing partnership between the two companies and added a new dimension to it.

- It is the intention of Delta Generali Osiguranje to be the leader among insurance companies and create as many partnerships as possible on the way, Filipović stated.

Delta Generali Osiguranje, the second largest insurance company in Serbia, was the first to establish a voluntary pension fund in Serbia – Delta Generali - Delta Generali Reosiguranja, Jedro health centre, as well as a company for life and other insurance in Montenegro.

The strength of the Novi Sad Fair is the modern business world is its almost century-long tradition. The reputation is founded on the quality and recognition of the International Agricultural Fair, as well as a number of newer events. Following modern trends and requirements on the market, the Novi Sad Fair has managed to innovate its operation, thus becoming one of the leaders in the congress industry.