Investexpo: Good business atmosphere

The Fair of Investments and the Days of Power Supply finish today at the Novi Sad Fair.

The Fair has been marked by good business atmosphere and investors from Azerbaijan, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Norway, Slovakia and Serbia have expressed interest in the projects presented. The Fair of Investments saw 55 local self-governments from Serbia and the region, 43 municipalities from Serbia, presenting over 160 investment projects with a total budget of almost one billion euro. The international character of the Fair of Investments was confirmed by the direct presence of towns and municipalities from Croatia, Romania, the Republic of Srpska, Slovakia and the French national institute, who are all satisfied with the contacts established and their cooperation will continue in the months to follow.

Most projects presented relate to construction and reconstruction of infrastructure, industrial zones and there have been many more projects regarding tourism development.

A conclusion drawn by the participants is that the Fair should continue to promote European integrations by promoting national investment potential and connecting the countries from the region. Other means include developing inter-municipal cooperation in order to promote Serbia as a safe destination for investments. The economic crisis has led to a temporary decrease in the interest among foreign investors, but Serbia’s candidature for the European Union provides a safe framework for investments in our country and as of next spring we might expect greater interest in projects, including those presented at this year’s event.

Representatives of local self-governments agree that the greatest interest is expressed in Brownfield and Greenfield investments. They are the best way to utilise the existing capacities with minimal investments, while their equipment, size and infrastructure are of great importance.

The Days of Power Supply organised by the Provincial Secretariat for Power Supply and Minerals have been marked by six professional events with international participation, featuring around 2,000 experts and dealing with clean energy sources, energy efficiency, biomass, power electronics, natural gas and geothermal water. Apart from experts in the fields, the events were also attended by the ambassadors of Norway, Israel and Danmark, and the common conclusion was that Serbia was underutilising its capacities of renewable energy sources, especially thermal water and that it should invest more in the development of technology for utilisation of such sources, thus making significant savings.