"Investexpo" Declared Open

"Investexpo", the 6th International Fair of Investment and the Days of Energy, has been declared open today at the Novi Sad Fair.

When greeting the guests, the President of the Government of Vojvodina, Mr Bojan Pajtić, PhD, said that 45% of the total number of investments in Serbia had been realised in Vojvodina “because the municipalities and the funds created conditions for foreign companies to do establish stable businesses".

- Through the Fund for Capital Investment alone, in the past three years, we have managed to invest EUR 400 million into infrastructure, said Mr Pajtić. He commended the municipalities and cities that participate in this year’s fair that they managed to present 147 projects to potential foreign investors, the value of which is around one billion Euros, thus showing “which direction we should take”.

The Chief Executive of the Novi Sad Fair, Mr Goran Vasić, heralded the visit of professional and business people from Serbia and the region and wished the exhibitors a lot of success during the fair, at the same time hoping that their projects presented at this fair would find their "way" to the investors.

The exhibitors presented 147 projects from 43 cities and municipalities from Serbia, of the total value of about a billion Euros. Among the participants in this fair there are also 10 cities and municipalities from Croatia, Romania, the Republic of Srpska and Slovakia, as well as the French National Institute.

Within the scope of "Investexpo", the Days of Energy are held with six meetings dedicated to clean sources of energy, energy efficiency, biomass, power electronics, natural gas and geothermal waters.

The strategic partners of the Fair of Investment are the Government of Vojvodina and the City of Novi Sad, and the organisation was supported by the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina, the National Alliance of Local Economic Development, the VIP Fund, and the Development Bank of Vojvodina. The General Sponsor of the fair is the Insurance Company "Dunav osiguranje", a strategic partner of the Novi Sad Fair.

"Investexo" is open until Thursday, 27th October and the opening hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., admission is free of charge with registration at the entrance to the "Master" Hall.