7th International Fair of Investments

The Fair of Investments, which strives to promote the investment opportunities in Serbia, will be held between 23rd and 25th October. Its concept encompasses presentations of local and regional development potentials, with a unique character of the event that connects and presents topics related to the development of the real estate and investment businesses in this part of Europe. Representatives of local self-governments will have an opportunity to present various types of investments and establish contacts with investors and representatives of state bodies.

Year after year, local self-governments have been preparing better presentations at the Fair and the presented projects and the readiness to cooperate send a clear message that Serbia is interested in major investments. The participants prepare presentations for foreign and domestic investors, focusing on the basic characteristics of the economic potential of the territory of their local self-government:

  • Infrastructure capacities (communal infrastructure, roads, gasification, bridges, ports, piers)
  • Industrial and work zones
  • Scientific and technology parks
  • Business incubators
  • Construction of tourist facilities
  • Construction of sport centres and facilities
  • Reconstruction of the existing economic facilities.


  • Cities and municipalities from Serbia and the region
  • Local economic development offices
  • Chambers of commerce from Serbia and the region
  • Districts from Serbia
  • Agencies for foreign investments, foreign and domestic investors
  • Agencies for small and medium enterprise development
  • Investment funds
  • Other financial institutions: banks, leasing companies, insurance companies
  • Stock exchanges, stock brokers
  • Government and non-government organisations dealing with the support to Serbian development projects
  • Development offices – public companies